This is one of the most important questions everyone on the verge of sealing the deal and signing off the papers for a new home should ask themselves. When? The second they hand out the papers and they are given the key to their new place. It is strongly advisable not to spend a single night sleeping in a newly bought home without changing the locks, or at least having them re-keyed. This is a job for a professional locksmith that offers residential services – unless you have experience with changing locks on your own. However, this is not advisable, as lots of things could go wring when installing a complex lock with an advanced cylinder. You may finish the job and wrongfully think everything is in order with your lock – and end up with someone breaking into your home in the middle of the night.

Previous Copies

  • This is one of the most burning matters you should concern yourself with. The previous owners a babysitter or an old trustworthy handyman could have all been given spare keys to the your now new home.

  • While most people are law-obiding citizens, the truth is you cannot rely on this simple theory and not think ahead. What if someone is now holding a grudge on one of the old owners for some reason? What if they borrowed the key to someone else, who had a copy made, and they are now on the verge of coming to your home while you are away to work and grabbing everything they can pay their hands on? After all, you've made it pretty obvious that you have recently moved, give all those electronic and furniture boxes and packaging on the curb.

  • Someone still holding on to keys to your home is the number one reason why you should seriously consider calling the nearest locksmithing service in town and having the locks re-keyed or replaced.

  • This is another particular matter that you may need to spend some time debating. Is the cost of investing in brand new locks worth it? Are you better off – or equally safe – should you simply choose to have the old locks re-keyed around the house? This is the type of question that an well experienced lock technician should be able to provide you with clear answers to. They will clearly explain the difference between re-keying a lock and having it changed, with all the small details each process refers to.

  • If you choose to hire door lock rekey services, you could expect to pay less, and at the same time be able t replace the old set of locks you have received upon buying the home with a brand new one. That means none of the old key holders will be able to access your home. You will be recommended to re-key your locks provided they are working fine and they are also of high quality.

  • If, on the other hand, you are not looking at the safest and sturdiest locks on the planet, you could be directed toward a palette of deadbolt locks or modern-day, electronic locks with keypad or fingerprint access.