Marketing seems to be the future of the Internet.  For as long as there is Internet, online vendors, big brands, and small enterprises will want to advertise. It's not only about advertising these days. Putting some ads up is all very well, but you need to make sure that they are reaching potential customers and even creating new customers.

This is precisely where marketing agencies come in handy in the 21st century. Good branding, logo design and outreach is what matters today and as a small marketing agency, you are probably already familiar with how successful online sale campaigns work. However, how do you get to convince future clients that you are in fact well aware of what you do and you can offer the same level of expertise as someone who charges far more than you do?

Well, good networking is one of the best way to get yourself started when you are a minnow.

Network and Make Personal Contacts

When it comes to being noticed, the best companies will truly go out of their way. Sending representatives to important industry meeting is just step one, but you also need to consider that you don't need employees – you need visionaries. In other words, you have to rely on unique individuals who are capable of representing and defending you company's interest.

Some marketing companies have caught the attention of their clients by even sending letters by the mail box. You needn't be so low-tech when it comes to your business, but you will need to make contact with your clients. So, how can you get this done?

  • Outreach

  • Industry events

  • Cold calls

  • Connections

Each one of these will serve you well if you leverage it with consideration. It's not wise to over-spam or over-call potential clients as they probably know each other and if a word gets out that you are looking for a job by reaching out indiscriminately, this might diminish your chances of success.

Let Your Would-Be Customers What You Can Do Better

Avoid speaking in marketing cliches, even if it's a requirement of the job. Be honest and forthcoming with your customers. Explain them their process and cite your previous achievements. Nothing convinces a customer better than showing them actual data.

Your marketing tasks will often vary. Some customers expect traffic, others hope for better conversions, and third want it all. It's important to have ready examples of how you can drive these important metrics for your customers.

Another thing to take into consideration is the niche. What industry is the client operating in? You will need to understand the subject matter very well before you can do a proper outreach. If it's iGaming affiliates, you can focus on advertising things that matter to potential gamers, such as free bonuses, variety of games and so on and so forth.

However, to do this, you will need to understand the industry in the first place. This comes not only with experience – it comes with the desire to do your own due diligence and be prepared to offer your clients value for the money they pay you.

Once you secure a big project for an important brand you will gain prominence which will allow you to land new clients.

Pricing Is a Turn Off

Believe it or not, despite your better intentions, you need to price accordingly. Just because you are new, you shouldn't fall in the trap of the "unprofessional price tag." It has nothing to do with "overpricing". It's all about underpricing your service.

In the world of big companies and corporations, demanding a "professional fee" is always a good sign. You may think that by offering a service that costs less is actually good for your business, but some clients may be turned away. If you are given a chance by a prominent company, then you must ensure that you are asking the correct amount.

Of course, lack of experience will most likely put you in a guessing position, as contract prices are often kept under tight wraps. Still, as long as you keep the best practices in mind, you can minimize any downside of not having much in the way of hands-on experience when it comes to negotiating your rates.

It will all come over time and with experience – in the meantime you should keep your mind on providing customers with the best possible solutions in your area of expertise. You only get one shot with a customer and if they deem your product not to be up to the required standard, then you will lose them forever. Keep this in mind and make sure to only take on the contracts that you can do well.