So you are getting ready to put your home out on the market. Maybe you can finally afford to buy a bigger place, as the family had expanded in recent years. Or a new job opportunity has risen, and you are eager to sell and move to a new city. No matter what might be pushing you to up and leave, one of the best approaches would be to hire a listing agent. These pros will simplify all the work for you and help smoothen the process. It's already stressful enough to plan the actual move and every small detail that comes with it. So wouldn't it be better to have someone handle the paperwork and selling while you take your time and deal with the rest of the chores? Among them, doing some neighborhood home value research and getting in touch with some contractors that will help you get the most of the deal. So before tapping the dial button on your phone, here is some advice on what to do to simplify their job.

#1: Get Acquainted With The Market Prices

Take a look at a few dozen listings in your area, neighborhood, or town. Compare the value of your home with other properties that are up for sale. The better updated you are when it comes to all of these things, the smoother your first appointment will go. Ideally, you should be on the same page with your agent. Bear in mind things have most likely changed a great deal since you've lost being in the market for buying or selling a home. And you may experience feelings of frustration and disappointment. Nevertheless, you need to keep going. And your agent should be right there, next to you, every step of the way. Work together and come up with the most viable and solid plan and start working on finishing it.

Check out the most recent comparable sales in your area using real estate sites. Be as realistic as you can and factor in the real square footage of your home, compare the number of bedrooms and bathrooms with properties that are similar to yours and do not ignore amenities either.

#2: Improve The Condition Of Your Home

While you do want your home to look at its best when potential buyers are going to drop by during your open house, you should not invest too much money in the process. Lots of people make the mistake of investing most of their savings on fixing small flaws that buyers may fail to notice in the first place, or extra amenities they are not willing to pay more money for. So before you head over to the recommended contractors you've heard a lot of good things about, you should first get in touch with a listing agent and pick their brain.

Ponder The Pros And Cons Of Home Repairs

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of making certain repairs and upgrades and decide what is actually mandatory and what can wait/be postponed. Once you have decided upon the immediate things that need repair, get in touch with a reliable and affordable team of local contractors and handymen. If you do not know any, Prosco can put you in touch with the most trustworthy, verified, and licensed contractors in your zipcode. All of the contractors in their database are verified and they specialize in the entire range of repair and renovation services for residential customers. Work out the best solutions with them, set up clear deadlines and make sure they will be done on time for the big open house event.

Consider Selling Your Home As Is

If your home has a lot of broken amenities, hole in the walls, broken floors and leaking pipes, you may want to reconsider having it fixed before the potential buyers see it. Instead, it might be a better idea to adjust the asking price according to the realistic state of the property and try to attract as many offers as possible. Chances are a house flipper or a contractor might take you up on that offer.

#3: Consider The Mortgage

Take a close look at your loan papers and get a rough estimate of what you still owe. Do it before the listing agent reacher your house. Use an amortization calculator and factor in the interest rate and the rest of the sums you have paid so far, and the money you still owe.

This information will help a listing agent choose the best strategy for you. Keep in mind you may be advised to wait it out or list your property straight away.