There is a question that you should be asking yourself right now and that is – is your website design correct for your business? There are many people who decide to get a website for their business reluctantly. Yet, everything is online these days and it makes sense to bring your business into the digital era.

However, nothing is simple when deciding what website to get for yourself. There are many things to consider. For example, is any website going to do? Experience shows that this is not quite true.

For the most part, to get yourself a working website that will serve the purpose of your business, you will need to consider various factors – specifically in the design area. So when we talk design, we need to know the specific purpose of the website.

Let us reveal a secret for you right now – Internet users have their habits, whether it is about browsing or which part of the screen they are going to focus on. Generally speaking, the above-the-fold section or what you can see first on the website is going to be what decides whether you stick with or quit the page right away.

Is Your Website Design Right for You Business

This is called a bounce rate and you don't want a high bounce rate, because it reduces your chances of converting people into paying customers – which is the whole point of the website. All things considered, you want to always make sure that your business operates at full speed and is not impeded by something as avoidable as designing the website the wrong way.

How to Avoid Bad Design?

So, you know and understand the importance of good design by now. The question is – how to avoid bad design in the first place? It usually comes with the company you end up choosing. There are several questions you might want to ask an agency that is willing to take upon your project, even without having that much background knowledge into the whole business of web design and so forth. Here are a few good questions to ask your agency:

  • Can they link a few business websites they have designed and that have ranked well in Google, as in page one?

  • Can the agency show you how they are going to optimize your design for SEO?

  • Is the website going to be launched for mobile-first?

These are important questions that no agency should have problems answering – if the company you plan on hiring hasn't successfully helped rank pages on Google's first page results, we might actually advise against hiring them – plain and simple.

Yet, you should also be prepared to pay more for a better quality service.

How Much For A Great Website?

Depending on what you are developing, you can expect to pay a rather good amount of cash. If your website is just going to be a business card, then you might end up paying a bit less. But for anything that you expect would actually command a fair bit of traffic – such as an e-commerce website, you should be prepared to pay quite a bit.

In fact, some e-commerce websites would easily cost you around $40,000 to develop – if you are buying from the right people. The IT industry is fairly even across the world, that's why if you are a designer in Eastern Europe, your money would be worth much more than your counterparts in Germany, for example, while the salaries will be almost the same.

So, to get results, you need to identify what sort of website you need. If you are running a locksmith business, you would want to make it very easy for people to find what you have to offer them. Other than that, you should always find great examples of how the competitors do it. We could give you an example if you click here to visit the website.

As you can see in the above link, this is a well-executed overall design that will allow customers to quickly book a service, get a quote and ultimately enjoy a great locksmith service. It's always like this that the best companies in business come up with the most innovative designs.

Of course, it's not the locksmiths' idea to design the website a certain way, but a good business had the courage to invest and to look up a great agency that can really help a website rank better and perform better overall.